Unit weight of steel is Dsquare/162 How is it derived

Today i will prove Dsquare/162 friend most of friend asking about this formula but they don’t know how to proves that. Here i will proves that D2/162.25.

Unit weight of steel is d square/162

Unit weight of steel is d square/162. How is it derived?

By this formula you can calculate unit weight of Steel in Pound (lbs). This is a constant formula mostly this formula is using for steel weight calculating.

Area of Steel Rod = πr2
[D=2r =r=D/2]

πD2/4 Volume of Steel Rod
= Area x Length
= πD2/4 x 1000
Density of Steel = 7850 Kg/Cubic Meter
7850/1000x1000x1000 Kg
Weight of bar per Meter = Volume of steel x Density of Steel
=πD2/4 x 1000 x 7850/1000x1000x1000
= 3.14D2/4 x 7850/1000×1000
= 0.785D x0.007850
= 0.00616225 x D2
= 0.000616225/1 x D2/1
= D2/1/.00616225
Weight of Bar per Meter = D2/162.28

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