Finding Remote Elevation Measurement REM

REM Today I am writing about the Remote Elevation Measurement REM as you know that last time i published a post about the Missing Line Measurement, some of my website viewers comment about to make a guide about Remote Elevation Measurement on total station. So i make a simple and easy post about in which I explain you all about Measure Elevation Measurement of height .

Remote Elevation Measurement REM with diagram

OK lets start ? First of all do the Temporary adjustment of the instrument . I have upload this post if you have not read this post then CLICK HERE to know that how can you do temporary adjustment of the total station. After completing that process then open the total station option which i m going to explaining you one by one .

REM ( Remote Elevation Measurement )

We can find the height of desire point from REM ( Remote Elevation Measurement ).for go to REM ( Remote Elevation Measurement ) option select the Obs option from the status screen then change the page form function and select the menu . the menu option is available on page 2 and select REM ( Remote Elevation Measurements ) form the menu option .

which place you want to find height keep the prism and focus the toe of prism from total station and press meas option .Then select the REM option and target the object above the target for height measurement and press stop .
Your reading will appear on the screen .

Another short procedure Finding Remote Elevation Measurement REM on Total Station

Set the Target Height from “Meas” > “Menu” >
“Coord” > “Station Orientation” > “Station
Coordinate” Set the target height to the measured height of the
mirror target. You did not have to fill out the other
fields for a REM (Remote Elevation Measurement) measure
Press “ESC” to return to the “meas” menu Select the “meas” > “Menu” > “REM”, sight the
mirror target, press [OBS] to measure “S”, then
[STOP] Sight the object above the target for height
measurement Select [REM] and then [STOP]

REM on Total Station
Procedure no 3

To Find Remote Elevation Measurement REM on Total Station OK first sent the helper (prism man) to the point and tell him to keep the prism on the point.
If the prism could not be placed at some point then the prism is set exactly below that point. the instrument if first sighted at he prism then the point is sighted the coordinate of the prism and the place of instrument are recorded beforehand . then the height of the point is shown on the screen .

Thank you for reading this post Measure Elevation .If you have any problem then contact us or comment us and share with your friends .


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