How To find Offset on total station

In this post I am going to teach you that how can you find offset measurement on total station. As you know that last time I publish a post finding H.D on total station. Some of my users comment us to create a simple guide about how to find offset by using total station. In this generation total station is mostly using for survey.

How To find Offset on total station

During Topographic survey some points are not looking directly you can find these points by using Offset option. We can find offset by three methods.
Offset by distance
Offset by Angle.
Offset by 2D

For finding offset measurement on Total Station follow these steps.

First of all set you instrument. Like Tripod setting Centering, focusing.
And then Go > Offset Dist in the Total station.
And Press Enter form the Total station keyboard.
And enter your point direction and Distance and Press meas button for the function keys.
After pressing meas button the machine I mean Total station will give you the point Quardinate.
Note it that wills your point data.

Offset measurement on total station



Offset Measurement on Total Station
Offset Measurement on Total Station

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