Kinds Of Doors or Types Of Door

Today i am writing about Kinds Of Doors as you know that last time i published a post about the Parts Of A Door some of my website viewers comment about to make a guide about Kinds Of Doors . So i make a simple and easy post about in which i explain you all about Kinds Of Doors.Kinds Of Doors or Types Of Door

Kinds Of Doors or Types Of Door

Main Gate
Internal Door


This door is called main gate , it opens toward streets. This door is contracted more strong than other doors of the building , generally this door is made of steel if it is intended to make car park inside if the building or house ,then it is constructed in such manner to provide adequate space for car entrance that is generally 2.85 meter to 3.2 meter wide.


Internal door is door that is fixed inside the building or house in room, internal doors have number of designs according to construction that are employed per requirement , louvers doors are used for passage of fresh at and sunlight, steel door are used for more firmness.


Different types of materials are used in construction of doors. Some of them are mentioned as follow.
1. Wooden doors
2. Steel doors
3. Special metals doors


Wooden doors are available in number of types and shapes, some of them are mentioned as follow

i. Ledged and battened doors
ii. Ledged , battened and braced doors
iii. Framed ledged battened and braced doors
iv. Paneled doors
v. Paneled and glazed doors
vi. Flush doors
vii. Louvered doors
viii. Revolving doors
ix. Sliding doors
x. Wire gauged doors


Steel is very rigid and firm metal , hence we depend on steel for more rigid doors. There are some types of steel doors mentioned below

i. Corrugated plate doors
ii. Rolling doors
iii. Collapsible doors
iv. Louvered doors
v. Glazed doors
vi. Moulding doors
vii. Wire gauged doors

Doors of special metals :-

Steel doors are subjected to rust that decreases durability of door and delicacy of doors is also decreased hence , aluminum and other metals are fluxed and there by metallic doors are made that are unsusceptible to rusting and they look delicate as well. They have following types

i. Flush doors
ii. Hollow doors
iii. Glazed doors
iv. Wire gauged doors


Battened doors are made of vertical boards held together by horizontal battens. They are not so much rigid hence they are usually constructed outside battened doors are main four types

i. Ledged and battened doors
ii. Ledged , battened and braced doors
iii. Framed ledged battened and braced doors
iv. Ledged battened ,braced and framed door


This is the simplest type of door especially suitable for narrow openings. It consists of wooden battens normally 10 to 15 cm wide and 2 to 3 cm thick , joined together by three horizontal wooden members called ledges . ledges are 10 to 20 cm wide and 2.5 to 3 cm thick . three ledges are generally provided at top , middle and bottom . the ledges are fixed with the help of wood screw or nail. The door hung to the frame by means of hinges of iron, this type of door being easy in construction and cheap and is used in bathrooms water closets stores kitchens temporary site buildings and cheap construction .


This door in improved from of ledged and battened doors, in which additional inclined members called braced are provided to give more rigidity the width of vraces ins also the same as that of ledges for example 10 to15 cm and thickness 2 to3 cm. this type of doors is also used in kitchens stores water closets bathrooms and cheap construction likei temporary site building hutments etc .

Ledged battened and framed door ;-

This door is also an improved form of simple ledged and battened door . it consists of a framework consisting of two verticals , called styles . styles are generally 10 cm wide and 4 cm thick. The ledges are provides as usual. The total thickness of style is equal to the thickness of ledges plus the thickness of battens.

Ledged battened braced and framed doors ;-

This door is similar to ledged battened and framed door except that incline braes are additionally provided t increase the strength , durability and appearance. This doors thus consists of battens two style there ledges and two braces. These doors are used as main door of the building or house .


This type of door is widely used in all types of the building since it is strong and gives better appearance . the door consists of frame having two vertical members and three to six horizontal member (rail ). Sometime a vertical member is fixed middle of the frame also . this is called mullion . the thickness of all the members of the frame will the same and will very from 2 to3 cm . style and top rail of the frame are generally 10 to 20 cm wide , while lock rail and bottom rail are each 20 cm wide .
This type of doors can be single leaf and double leaf . this type of doors can be used in any building internally and externally.

Paneled door and Glazed doors ;-

This type of door is similar to paneled . the only difference I that wooden and glass panels are added in to frame. To reduce the size of rebate , wooden members are used which are known as sash bars .the glass panels are fixed to the frame and sash with help of nails and putty or wooden beads .
They are delicate . more sunlight will enter the room with virtue of glass panels fitted into doors. The type of door is used for external employment. this type of door is mainly employed in residential buildings , office educational buildings and hospitals.


Flush doors have pleasing appearance simple construction less cost height strength and durability . they are used in residential and public buildings . these doors have flat surface on both of the sides . they have solid or semi –soild framework , covered form both sides with plywood or laminated board giving perfectly flush and joint less surface. Their size is established around from 0.9 ? , 1.09 ? , 1.2 ? ,2.2 meter. Flush doors are mainly constructed with two types as follow .

i. Hollow flush doors
ii. Solid flush doors

i. Hollow flush doors ;-This type of door incorporates on hollow frame , converted from both sides with sheets of plywood .sometimes empty space of frame is filled with certain material. Cork and slag wool can be used for this purpose . they weigh less ad they are inexpensive .

Solid flush door ;-

This type of door consists of boards of soft wood or hard wood that are joined together with glue . After joining with glue , they are left for 24 hours under constant heavy pressure . both sides of board are covered with sheets of plywood . these type of doors are rigid and durable .

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